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Gym Floors Built to Last 

Courts don't just host games, they also bring together entire communities.

Our gym floors are an exceptional alternative to hardwood floors because our courts are designed to last and don't require re-surfacing every year. With our courts, you also don't sacrifice the safety that comes with hardwood, such as traction and shock absorption.

Bring your game to the next level with our professional-grade courts.

Building Sports Champions Outside of the Gym

Just like you, we're all about the game. We put countless hours into making your court best serve you and your community. It's time to turn your abandoned field or useless parking lot into a showpiece for your community. Turn that land into a court that your community is proud to own and is safe for children to play on. Sport Court is all about doing whatever's best for the community, and that's why we offer outdoor installations.

We take being called the Safest Courts In The World™ seriously. Our goal is to make sure every athlete that plays on our courts reaches their maximum potential. Unlike acrylic courts, our surfaces allow athletes to push themselves without running the risk of harming themselves.

Fit For All Champions

If you want the best court for your facility, then you want Sport Court. Our knowledge and customizeable knowledge ensures that you'll be getting the court you can own.

  • A Local CourtBuilder™ will provide court services for you even after your court has been installed.
  • Easy and fast installation. A court can be installed in as quick as five days.
  • Safety is our top priority. Shock absorption, low skin abrasion and our patented Lateral Forgiveness helps reduce injuries so you can focus on the game.
  • Easy to maintain. A simply dry mop and an occasional auto-scrub is all you need to keep your court in shape.
  • Best warranty around. 15 years.
  • Low cost. You won't have to resurface your court for 15+ years.
  • Versatile. Any sport you want to play, you can play on a Sport Court.

We Have Built Gym Floors and Outdoor Courts for Many Facilities in Eastern Michigan

  • Public and private schools
  • Church and family life centers
  • Community centers
  • Pay-for-play sports centers
  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Camp facilities
  • Events and tournament sites
  • Sports clubs
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Need More Information? Read Our FAQ

Does Sport Court® sports flooring require a climate-controlled building?
Unlike many other sports surfaces, our gym floors perform well in a wide variety of climate conditions. Extreme humidity, cold temperatures, or heat generally don’t present any problems in playability.
How does a court from Sport Court Eastern Michigan compare in cost to other alternatives?
Our courts are typically less expensive than even the basic suspended wood systems, and they compete well with most other synthetic alternatives. Even alternatives like asphalt and concrete that are initially inexpensive have costs that arise over the long term. Over the life cycle, Sport Court’s low maintenance costs and extended durability will continue to save you money year after year after year. Ask your CourtBuilder for more detailed information about the costs for your specific space so that you can accurately compare with other options.
How is Sport Court flooring affected by moisture?
Unlike wood and most other synthetic floors, our indoor and outdoor modular sports floors are virtually unaffected by water. This includes vapor from concrete slabs or subsurface as well as submersion or flood.
Does Sport Court use any hazardous chemicals or materials in its manufacturing process or installation?
No. In fact, we are the only ISO 14001 sports flooring manufacturer in the United States—the international standard for environmental controls.
What colors do you offer?
Almost any color you can imagine. We’ll provide you with our standard palette of over 20 stock colors, or we can match any PMS color you prefer.
What makes Sport Court Eastern Michigan different from others?
With over 40 years of experience, a 96% satisfaction rating, and 150,000 courts installed worldwide, we can say without reservation that we make the best courts for the best price. We pride ourselves on using only our own certified CourtBuilders (no side jobs) to install and complete your project from start to finish. And with independent safety testing, we know this will be a safe place for your family for years to come.
How long does it take to install a floor?
Sport Court flooring can be installed, striped, and ready for play in less than a week.
How long will a Sport Court floor last?
Our modular sport floors are covered by a 15-year limited warranty, and we expect them to deliver playability, safety, and durability for even longer.
Does Sport Court flooring provide any safety benefits?
Our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology provides protection against stress on limbs and joints. We can also adjust the shock absorption value to almost any level you’d like.
How well does the ball bounce compared to other basketball floors?
DIN-certified basketball floors must deliver a minimum 90% ball response, but we don’t believe in bare minimums. Our modular surfaces range from 93% to 100% ball response.
How does maintenance compare with other sports floors?
Sport Court modular surfaces require less maintenance than most others. We recommend regular dust-mopping and intermittent mop cleaning.
Why do you call Sport Court floors “multipurpose” sport surfaces?
Most sports surfaces have limitations. Sport Court modular courts can be used for almost any activity in almost any type of facility.