Are You and Your Court Ready for Basketball Season?

4 years ago

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For diehards, basketball season is 24/7/365. But we all know it’s a different story when it comes to outdoor hooping — especially if you live in a cold weather climate. For those of us who grind out winter in the Michigans, Ohios and Indianas of the world, outdoor hoop season usually tips off sometime in May. While the wait can be frustrating, it’s never too early to consider how you can prepare your court — and yourself — for the season ahead.

Here are some tips to make sure you and your home court are ready for outdoor hooping.



Experts say you should have your concrete or asphalt court resurfaced every 4-5 years. Resurfacing will fix degradation caused by traffic and weather, as well as prevent future cracks and potholes from forming. Of course, you can save yourself the trouble of resurfacing by getting a Sport Court. A durable alternative to traditional courts, Sport Court surfaces are built with professional grade materials and don’t require strenuous upkeep.


Sweep and Wash:

Before you start hooping, channel your inner mop boy and clean up all the dust and debris on your court. First sweep it up with a broom, then wash it with a hose, and if you have a power washer, you might as well use that, too. Even a modest effort to clean the court will improve its conditions and, more importantly, help you avoid injury.


Paint Like a Pro:

Take your home court to the next level this year by painting a free-throw line, restricted area and 3-point arc. While NBA, NCAA and high school courts differ in overall size and layout, the interior dimensions are pretty much the same for each. The only significant difference is the 3-point arc, which is longer in the NBA than in NCAA and high school courts.

Fitness Tips:

Basketball is a game of jumping, juking, pivoting and sprinting, movements that can take a toll on your body, especially if you’re not in proper shape. To condition your body, crank up the physical activity in the weeks ahead. Focus particularly on your back, hamstrings, calf muscles and groin. Here are some helpful basketball stretches designed to improve your mobility and flexibility.

Having a Sport Court can also help protect your body from common sports-related injuries, thanks in part to shock absorption materials that far exceed concrete, pavement and other surfaces. It makes those long playing sessions easier on your joints while making falls less painful. For added safety, our hoop systems also include backboard and pole pads.

There are several ways to get ready for basketball season, but the best way is to make the investment in a Sport Court. Design your own Sport Court today!

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