Choosing the Right Location for Your Home Court

4 years ago

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Location, location, location.

Yes, it matters for your home basketball court, too.

From extending the surface’s longevity to decreasing the amount of maintenance it demands, choosing the right placement for your court is crucial. Here are some tips to consider when choosing where your home court should go.

Dig This:

Make sure your court isn’t positioned above any underground utilities. Gas lines, water mains, fiber optic cables and other utilities can sideline your court, or even destroy it, if they need to be dug up for any number of reasons. Not sure where your underground utilities live? Get in touch with the folks at Call 811 or contact a company like Underground Detective for an assessment.

More Drain, Less Pain:

If you’ve ever experienced the misery of a flooded basement, you know that water is undefeated when there’s nowhere for it to drain. The same rule applies to outdoor athletic surfaces. If your court lacks proper drainage, rainwater can pool up and cause a number of problems, from cracks in the foundation to paint chipping or withering away. To mitigate water-related issues, invest in a Sport Court. Our durable courts are built to withstand bad weather. And since water drains underneath Sport Court tiles, you can get back to playing more quickly after it rains.

Follow Directions:

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and probably always will. Unless you prefer shooting jumpers with the sun flashing directly in your eye, position your home court so it’s facing north/south. If you’re restricted to an east/west orientation, make sure your hoop is facing east so the sun is at your back when you’re shooting. (If you prefer playing in the morning, do the opposite).

Branch Out:

Those who’ve had their high-arching jumpers knocked down by a tree branch know two things: 1) They need to work on their outside game and 2) It’s important to choose a court location with minimal environmental interference. Not only can trees sprout branches that effectively function as a defender, they can also drop acorns, leaves, twigs and other kinds of debris that make cleaning your home basketball court a constant chore.

Off the Street:

When you’re in the heat of battle, diving for loose balls and chasing your opponent all over the court, it can be easy to lose your bearings. All the more reason to make sure your home court is positioned as far away from traffic as possible. If proximity to the street is unavoidable, put some bright orange cones on the edge of your court to serve as a visual reminder that you’re out of bounds. Better yet, get a Sport Court™ Ball Containment system, which utilizes soft-fence netting to keep your balls in play and off the street.

Our installation team is ready to help you find the perfect location for your Sport Court. Contact us today so we can discuss the right solution for your home.

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