Forming Family Bonds On The Court

4 years ago

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Basketball is about so much more than chasing a professional career. Or staying active. Or even staying out of trouble. It’s also about forming unbreakable bonds with family.

Ask any basketball-loving adult about his favorite memories growing up and there’s a good chance he’ll tell you about nights on the driveway, shooting hoops under the lights. There’s something magical about it. Some might even say hooping with family is a rite of passage. The growing pains toughen you up and make that elusive first victory over your mom, dad or older sibling taste that much sweeter.

The family bonds forged on the basketball court are as powerful as a LeBron James dunk, but like all things, they need to be nurtured. Here are a few ways to facilitate family bonding on your home basketball court.

Get on a Schedule:

Even if you can only swing it once a week, make hoop time a consistent family activity. Between work, school and hobbies, it can be difficult to find a day and time that routinely works for everyone. But if you plan ahead and say, “OK, Wednesdays at 7:30 are reserved for basketball,” it will be easier to schedule around that time and treat it with the importance it deserves.

Make Room for Everyone:

Family hooping doesn’t have to be exclusively with family; it can also be with friends and even neighbors. According to study by State Farm, only 25 percent of Americans know the names of their next-door neighbors. Your home basketball court is a great place to gather neighbors and establish relationships with them, all while making your games more competitive and enjoyable.

Encourage Competition:

Don’t shy away from the competitive aspects of basketball. While you never want your kids to feel humiliated, their poor performances will teach them valuable lessons in humility and competitiveness. It will also make the victories they do score feel more earned and authentic. The importance of nurturing a competitive mindset cannot be understated, as it will benefit your kids in all aspects of life. 

Provide Encouragement:

Through all of the struggles and triumphs your kids endure on the basketball court, continue to provide encouragement. Sports in general are an amazing way to encourage kids and share your pride in them. Whether they’re new to basketball or just now picking it up, there’s no limit to the amount of times you can tell them, “I’m proud of you.” Your relentless energy and encouragement will help build their confidence and that’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

A home basketball court is an investment that keeps paying off, even after your playing days are over. Still, we appreciate the importance you place in value when shopping. Our top-of-the-line hoops make the best use of every budget, while providing quality that’s guaranteed to enrich every memory you have on the court for years to come

Single Focus:

Amid the chaos of life, those sacred moments on the court are an opportunity to provide your children with the focused attention they deserve. Playing “coach” or simply competing with your kids means a great deal to them, even if they don’t come out and say so.

A Sport Court will help you make the most of every moment playing with the people you love most. Design your own court today and build a place where your family can play, train and bond.

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