How Adjustable Hoops Give Young Players a Fair Shot

5 years ago

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The official height of a basketball hoop is 10 feet. Needless to say, that’s quite tall for most basketball newcomers. Watching a young child attempt to shoot a ball at a regulation hoop, only to come up short time and time again, can be pretty painful to watch. Worse yet, it can hinder the development of proper form and hurt the child’s confidence.

For these reasons and more, most new hoops are size adjustable. This means the height of the hoop can be lowered and raised to accommodate the player’s physical abilities. This flexibility can have a tremendous effect on the player’s development, and consequently, her confidence.

Luckily, Sport Court hoops are super easy to adjust. The crank adjustment system lowers and raises the hoop from 6.5 to 10 feet. It’s simple enough for young ones to operate, yet sturdy enough to endure years of dunking. Here are a few ways adjustable hoops assist in the development of young players — and make basketball more fun for everyone.

If you’re interested, you can find a list of age-appropriate rim heights and basketball sizes, as recommended by the American Sport Education Program, right here.

Fuel Confidence:

Adjusting the size of your hoop is a great way to raise your child’s confidence level. Start on the lowest setting (6.5 feet). As your child develops strength and skill, raise the height accordingly.

Develop Shooting Technique:

An adjustable hoop will help your child improve their shooting mechanics. Obviously, shooting the ball with an exaggerated arc is not recommended when you’re playing competitively, but it’s necessary for young kids shooting at 10-foot hoops. Lowering the hoop to a level that’s consistent with the size of the child can help him avoid bad shooting habits and develop mechanics that can be sustained as he grows.

Set Goals:

An adjustable hoop allows you to literally measure your young player’s development. Establish goals and chart his progress. Your goals should be realistic and age appropriate. An example of a good goal may be to have your first or second grader make 10 layups in a row on a 6.5-foot hoop before you raise the height.

Dunk Like the Pros:

Let’s be honest. Most of us will never catch enough air to throw down a tomahawk dunk like LeBron or a 360-degree windmill like Kobe. But with an adjustable hoop, you can still practice their moves and feel the thrill of throwing down a monster dunk. Even when you’re an adult, hosting dunk contests with friends on a shorter hoop is a great way to spend an afternoon.

In addition to an advanced height adjustment system, Sport Court hoop systems feature tempered glass backboards, which are engineered to deliver a pro-level ball rebound, and  superior corrosion protection, which will help keep your hoop in excellent condition for years to come. Explore our full product guide to see what makes Sport Court the right choice!

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