How Home Courts Help on the Hardwood

5 years ago

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There’s an old basketball cliché that if you make a jumper playing outdoors, your shot must be broken. The idea is that outdoor playing conditions, such as wind, must have manipulated your shot and therefore it would have missed if you were playing indoors on an “official” court.

It’s a tired trash-talk refrain, but is it true? Absolutely not!

In fact, while playing outdoors has its challenges, less-than-perfect weather and court conditions can actually benefit your game in the long run.

Don’t overthink it! The more you practice your basketball skills, the better you will become. If you’re worried that playing outdoors will take away from your or your child’s game, here are a few reasons why those concerns are misplaced.

Basketball on Demand:

If you’re serious about raising your game, what could be better than having a court right outside your home? The convenience of a home court that your child can hit up whenever the mood strikes will give him a huge competitive advantage. Public courts have strange hours and even when they’re open they’re often busy. Plus they can be a pain to get to. Home courts eliminate all of these obstacles.

Sizzle Your Dribble:

Countless NBA players found their game playing on outdoor courts that were far from ideal. Uneven pavement, cracks in the surface, sunken rims and beat-up backboards were just a few of the conditions many professionals had to overcome on their path to stardom. When you’re used to playing on a court like that, imagine how easy it is to run and dribble on pristine hardwood.

Of course, just because you’re playing outdoors doesn’t mean you have to settle for bad court conditions. Sport Court’s patented high-performance flooring systems are engineered for maximum durability and quality so you or your child can simulate indoor playing conditions from the comforts of your backyard.

Skill Development:

Dribbling isn’t the only skill your home court will help you improve. The more you practice, the more all of your skills will sharpen. Yes, even your shooting. Because even if your shots aren’t falling, working on your form will pay dividends on the hardwood when you’re competing in official games.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Public courts are not always the best environment for practicing fundamentals, as most players would rather play pickup games than work on, let’s say, layups. This isn’t ideal for beginners, whose time would be better served practicing basic skills at their own pace than playing in competitive games.

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