Take Your Home Court to the Next Level

4 years ago

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Athletes like you are always looking for ways to raise your game. Even the great ones spend countless hours perfecting their craft. The way they see it, there’s always something they can be doing better. While practice, conditioning and coaching are known keys to improvement, don’t discount the importance of having a professional quality home court right in your backyard. Get a jump on improving your facilities with these five tips.

Light It Up:

As summer turns into fall and long days turn into even longer nights, playing outdoors becomes significantly more difficult. Adding a lighting solution to your home court will help keep the game alive. Sport Court Light Systems extend your playing time with your family. Whether you’re playing basketball, tennis or volleyball, our single and double headed lighting solutions keep the good times rolling well after the sun goes down.

Dominate the Paint:

At the start of each season, take a couple of hours to paint (or repaint) your home court. If you have a basketball court, color in the foul line, 3-point arc and restricted area. If you have a tennis court, color in the baselines, service lines, etc. Don’t want to deal with annual coloring projects? Get a Sport Court, designed to last nearly a decade without fading.

Keep the Ball in Play:

With Sport Court™ Ball Containment, you don’t have to worry about missed shots and errant passes careening onto the street or into your neighbor’s yard. This unique system utilizes a soft-fence netting that delivers years of attractive protection for your court, while providing a more cost-effective alternative to chain-link fencing.

Clean Up:

A little elbow grease can go a long way when it comes to improving the look and feel of court. It doesn’t take much to sweep up dirt or leaves, or to squeegee the court once every couple of months, but it will make immeasurable improvements to the quality of play, as well as the safety of the people jumping, cutting and sprinting all over it.

Hit the Bench:

If you have space to spare, make your home basketball court a more desirable destination by adding a bench for players waiting to get in the game. For spectators, surround the court with patio- or even bleacher-seating. Both are a nice, unexpected touch that your family and fellow players will appreciate.

You can spend all day, every day enhancing the aesthetics of your home court, but those improvements are immaterial if your equipment is made of poor quality. Upgrading to a Sport Court surface is the best way to take your home court to the next level and make it a gathering place where all can play safely. Design your own court today!

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